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01 Nov 2022
For one day only, Up at The O2 will host the capital’s highest carol concert - a festive experience taking place 52m above ground with unrivalled views of London
03 Oct 2022
This December, the unforgettable sensation of flying awaits you as iFLY Indoor Skydiving arrives in the capital at the world’s most popular music, entertainment, and leisure venue, The O2. Replicating the exact experience of freefall, budding daredevils…
27 Jul 2022
Up at The O2 has today announced the return of stand-up comedy to the roof, with their new series of ‘Comedy Nights’ taking place this September, offering customers the chance to enjoy an exclusive stand-up comedy performance on top of the…
08 Jul 2022
With the school holidays just around the corner (25th July – 2nd September), parents are searching for activities to keep the whole family entertained. While the British weather can be best described as changeable, The O2 offers a wide range of…